Arabic men dating american women

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As for Arabs being protective of thier sisters, and daughters this is a good thing that they should be complimented on, most other peoples should take a page out of their book, but not the kind of page that 'Abdull', and his new ID, share.

People like 'Abdull' look the other way with regard to Arab women who have been physically abused by Arab men, but wouldn't want an Arab woman to be married to a respectable White man, or Black man who is non arab.

From what I seen they do not date outside their race even if they want too. I think this whole ir thing is getting more attention than it deserves. We don't have them on leashes, they choose to date with their own men, because it is a match made in heaven.

Arab women are perfect for arab men, and black women are perfect for black women, enough with these IR questions, arab women do not IR date, it is as simple as that. She has every right to be who she wants to be whether asian, latino, black or white.

I respect you for loving your country, culture and women. Just saying your views are racist and it is probably related to the Middle East being ef'd up.

You are right it is my opinion but probably many others as well after reading your comments.

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What the hell, that is not something that seems fair, again, arab women are ours, why should other men intrude?Never they think nonarab men are beasts, so stop with the prasing yourself.Why must black people ask whether non-blacks desire them?Does that mean we have to give white men our women you silly person.Again arab women are made for arab men, not black men, you deusional idiot.

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