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A local woman claimed she saw Charlotte openly kiss and touch Londoner Ayman Najafi in a restaurant.The harsh sentence may have been intended to send a warning to the Britons who flock to the five-star beach resorts of an emirate which styles itself as a playground for the jet-set – yet has laws that penalise any deviation from Islam.When Charlotte’s friends decided to go on to another club, she chose instead to go to a restaurant with the men.‘Ayman’s a good-looking guy,’ she said.‘He sounded a bit of a public schoolboy and he was reserved and proper – he’d open the door for you, pull your chair out for you.'There were 100 women in there that night, with two or three to each mattress and just one toilet which was basically a hole in the floor, which made me heave because of the smell.‘I stuffed my watch and money inside my bra to keep it safe. One Muslim woman, who had been hurt when a fight broke out in a club, ended up being arrested as police believed she had drunk alcohol.

Her mother Lorraine, 48, is PA to a company director and her stepfather David, 50, had a property business.She then called Ayman, who had been locked up in the men’s cells.‘They treated the men more leniently,’ Charlotte said.‘I love this place and it makes me sad that I’ll never come back, although I think I’d struggle to ever feel free here again.'But the laws need to evolve to match the culture here.

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