Manga kyou koi wo hajimemasu online dating

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Both treat of boys that they like the photography, but since they are children of businessmen, this dreams one sees difficult.And the girls with which they fall in love are normal persons who have difficulties in her lives, but they do not give up themselves.The relationships in both manga's are basically identical.The girls are hesitant, resistant [i found Karin in Kare first love to be incredibly annoying towards this get through it] and the guys are pushy.

Kare First Love is a lot more "sweet" than KKWH, but it also has a mildly dark plot like KKWH.

Also both boys must overcome the death of a loved one that has traumatized them (and surprise surprise in each one it's the death of a *insert spoiler here*). The story works really really, you can imagine which makes it an even one. Sakura in BODY is a stronger girl than in Kare First Love, and more likeable, in my opinion. Both boys were born in a rich family but they have a bad relationship with their fathers because their fathers are company managers and they want their sons to inherate the company but the boys prefer to work as photographers. And both girls are from a middle-class family and very cute and sweet, this is her first love for both of them.

Whether you did or didn't like Kare First Love I highly recommend Mars because although they are similar each tell entirely different stories enough to stand on their own. But Kare First Love is much better, Sakura is too short and the storyline isn't well developed.

(I had to stop the series because volumes are on backorder at the local bookstore Basically Kare First Love is like a attempt to copy Mars that may work for some but does not compare to Mars.

It has the same plot line of a good girl meets a bad boy and somehow they fall in love but they have struggles they must overcome.

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