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Shanina Shaik has lent her face to high-end boutique jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche , posing with over ,000 worth of accessories.The 26-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to share a snap from what appears to be a behind the scenes post from the set of the photo shoot in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates...Around 80,000 British, Indian and Australian troops based in Singapore became Prisoners of War after the fall of Singapore, perhaps Britain's greatest military defeat since the 1781 Battle of Yorktown.Such assumptions tend to skew countless planning decisions toward motorized travel at the expense of non-motorized travel.For example, it justifies expanding roadways to increase vehicle traffic capacity and speeds, requiring generous amounts of parking at destinations, and locating public facilities along busy suburban roadways, in order to facilitate automobile transportation although each of these tends to reduce walking accessibility. Some people consider walking and cycling outdated, unsophisticated and unexciting compared with motorized modes, or even as symbols of poverty and failure.Non-motorized trips to access motorized modes are often ignored in transportation surveys, even if they involve travel on public paths and roads.

About half of walking and cycling trips are purely recreational, about half are utilitarian, and only about 5% are for commuting, so for each non-motorized commute trip there are probably about nine other utilitarian non-motorized trips, and about ten recreational trips.Non-motorized modes are often critical for trips that society considers particularly valuable, such as access to essential services, education, employment, and social activities by people who are transportation disadvantaged. Environments that are conducive to walking are conducive to people. Walking is also a critical component of the transportation system, providing connections between homes and transit, parking lots and destinations, and within airports.Walking is a fundamental and critical activity for physical and mental health. Often, the best way to improve another form of transportation is to facilitate walking.Walkability improvements provide economic savings and benefits, which are reflected in higher property values in more walkable communities.Cortright (2009), evaluated the effects of walkability on housing prices using the used Walkscore ( and 95,000 real estate transactions, controlling for house (size, number of bedrooms and baths, age) and neighborhood characteristics (proximity to the CBD, income, and accessibility to jobs).

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