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The Holocaust on the other side is lifted up again and again, but this gigantic crime committed on the German people by the victors, is silenced to ‘make them forget.’ Our government is not ashamed to not distance itself from the lies and the defamation, especially our earlier president, Herr von Weizsaecker, but also the presidents following after, when it is known today that much of this [said against us Germans] is not true.

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Just like in 1919, the rights of humans and self determination were stepped on, only with the difference, that this time it was the destruction of Germany and the escalation of it all into the immeasurable, the most disparaging treatment of humans, the most criminal actions against us.

AUF DEUTSCH- DAS ZU TODE QUAELEN DEUTSCHER MAEDCHEN-WERNER WEINLEIN This is the description of one of the many horrendous war crimes against German people just because they were German due to the defaming war propaganda against the Germans perpetuated by the Jewish driven press. Flak-Regiment (anti-aircraft gun regiment) 1/9 Fuerth, [Germany] to the “Honor Legion Kondor.” I had not yet completed my 2 years when WWII broke out, and I was a soldier from the first day and basically to the last day of the war, Mai 8, 1945.

My first unit, the “Legion Kondor,” was totally annihilated at Stalingrad.

He was one of the creators of WWII and has more than 70 Million people on his conscience.) To list the endless stations of sufferings through which the Germans had to pass is impossible, for hours and days one could describe the horrors, which are also partially listed in the Bundesarchive.

Much of it is also unknown as there were no more witnesses.

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