Updating a table from another table in oracle

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The following block uses a cursor FOR loop to fetch only the last name of each employee, deposit that name into a record, and then display the value of the last_name field of that record: You can define parameters based on record types, and you can therefore pass records as arguments to subprograms.

Suppose I need to write a procedure that displays an employee.

So if I declare a record as follows, Most of the time when you work with records, you will be assigning a row from a table to a record.This is especially helpful for fetching either a subset of columns from a table or columns from multiple tables.Here’s an example: (Note that I usually add a “_cur” suffix to the names of my explicitly declared cursors.) Whenever you are fetching data from a cursor into PL/SQL variables, you should declare a record based on that cursor with %ROWTYPE and fetch into that record.The Oracle PL/SQL language was designed to be a portable, high-performance transaction processing language that is tightly integrated with the SQL language.It is rare, indeed, to find a PL/SQL program that does not either read from or make changes to tables in a database.

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