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You may have tons of mutual friends; and if you respect the people in your circle, you can make a safe assumption that the person you’re going to date has some basic “musts” in order.

Don’t: First, while you may have friends in common, don’t inbox each person to get the “low-down” on your date.

Do: Have a conversation once you’ve made the decision to date exclusively if you’re going to change your relationship status.

Do: It’s okay to look up a potential date on Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends.

Sometimes this can be a legitimate background check to see if you have anyone or anything in common.

In order to go into the date truly open to discovering whether or not this person is a match for you, it’s best to go in with a completely open and unbiased mindset.

Don’t stalk your date’s profile before you meet and then casually mention you noticed he/she went on a family vacation to South Carolina a few years ago and that your family stayed in the same hotel! ”) can only be interpreted as just that: SUPER weird.

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